Health benefits of herbal teas – what is a herbal tea

The concept of heart tea is not as new as we think. It is in fact one of the oldest traditions of human civilization to consume various herbs as herbal tea or in the form of a decoction. Recently there is an upsurge in the herbal teas market as there are many herbal tea brands available at every store. Many of them do have medicinal values but most of them are packed in such a way that one can get tempted to buy them immediately. Herbal teas should be consumed everyday and made a routine as most of them are having some medicinal value attached to them. The medicinal herbal teas are usually in loose packaging rather than tea bags. The herbs should be boiled in water get maximum benefit from the herbal tea or put in the hot water for a while. Therefore the best way to get maximum benefits from herbal tea is when it is properly boiled in water or milk.

If we boil the herbs in water and then consume that decoction or herbal tea (after filtering and adding some sugar to taste) we will certainly get complete benefits of the herbs.

There are thousands of varieties of herbal teas available nowadays. Since every herb has different action on the body so these herbal teas can be consumed for leisure purpose but also as herbal remedy for various health problems. The exotic taste of herbs is calming and soothing to the mind as well as rich in natural anti-oxidants, thereby preventing from many chronic degenerative diseases.

Some herbal teas are made by herbal tea manufacturers for the sake of selling them as a tasty drink and make quick money but some teas are really having miraculous health benefits. For example, Arjun tea (made from bark of Arjuna tree) is a blend of herbs useful in many heart conditions. It is not only detoxifying in nature but also provide strength to heart muscle as it is rich in natural Co-Q 10. This herbal tea has exotic cinnamon and cardamom taste, and also helps in removing the toxins from the body especially high cholesterol. The power point presentation on this herbal tea explains everything in detail.

arjun tea, herbal tea

What is Arjun tea

Cinnamon improves blood circulation, eases cold symptoms, relieves stomach upsets, reduces menstrual cramps, regulates blood sugar and insulin levels.

Terminalia arjuna is useful in high cholesterol, blood pressure, blocked arteries, slows down the aging process, gives strength to heart muscle, rich in natural co-q 10, rich in cardiac glycosides, polyphenols and other anti-oxidants. Cardamom helps in gas and flatulence and freshens bad breath.

The tea contains the herb Punarnava. Puna means again and ‘nava’ means new. This herb is a rejuvenative and helps to rejuvenate the system. It is a natural mild diuretic and therefore helps in keeping the toxins and edema away. It also helps to maintain the blood pressure and cleanses the system.

Another wonderful herb in Arjun tea is Ficus religiosa. Ficus is big tree of banayan tree family. The leaves are heart shaped and the tree is huge. Ficus is described in Ayurveda as an astringent. It helps the body to fight almost any other disease because it is rich in powerful natural anti-oxidants.