Planet Ayurveda is a leading Ayurvedic firm based in India. Planet Ayurveda is GMP certified, US-FDA registered for legal exports to USA, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, WHO-GMP certified Manufacturing unit based in India. We have product range of traditional Ayurvedic powder based products, 100% vegetarian capsules based supplements, nutritional supplements, herbal teas, herbal juices, herbal tablets and raw herbs powders. Great emphasis is laid on selection of right type of raw material and herbs for manufacturing of herbal products. The raw material used is all organic or wild crafted and the finished products are tested for microbes and heavy metals before selling in market.

The blended formulations are unique and very effective because they are formulation keeping in mind the basic healing principles of Ayurveda. Single herbal formulations are also very effective because we use standardized extracts and proper dosage i.e. 500 mg capsule whereas most companies use 250 mg normal extract or even if they are using 500 mg ingredients, they are mixing the extracts with raw herb powder. Our products are purely vegetarian, 100 % natural and free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, taste maskers or any other synthetic chemical.

Our Aim

To spread the knowledge about Ayurvedic principles of living life around the globe.
To serve the ailing humanity all over the planet. That is why the name – PLANET AYURVEDA

About the Founder

Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Planet Ayurveda came into existence by an innovative thought of Dr.Vikram Chauhan, who is MD in Ayurvedic medicine and a world famous naturopath. Having vast experience of herbs and their applied uses and after treating so many patients, Dr. Vikram Chauhan thought to launch some authentic, effective Ayurvedic products which were having sure shot results.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan is running his treatment center in India from more then 20 years and also travels various countries for consultations, lectures / seminars / workshops on Ayurvedic healing methods. He also wrote books, wrote articles in leading international news papers, gave TV interviews on national and international TV channels. He attended endless conferences and seminars and presented research papers which helped others also to learn more about this beautiful science of nature.


There are 3 fundamental energies in our bodies which are similar to 3 important elements in the universe. These energies are “vata” Pitta” and “kapha” These 3 energies represent the 5 basic elements in nature i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. Earth + water represents Kapha, Fire represents Pitta and Air + Ether represents Vata in bodies.

These tri-energies are controlling the structure and functionality of the human body as well as the whole universe. Vata is responsible for movement i.e. planets moving around the sun, neutrons moving around the nucleus, autonomic nervous system controlling the movements in our bodies, the neurotransmitters and other materials moving inside our bodies are all controlled by Vata. Respiration, heartbeat, excretion, circulation is all controlled by Vata energy. It is responsible for movements in life.

Pitta is responsible for burning, structural or chemical changes in the universe. In our body all the metabolic reactions, enzymatic reactions, aging process, digestion process, skin wrinkles and hair fall is all controlled by Pitta. It is responsible for destruction / aging of life.

Kapha is responsible for stability and strength of the structures in the universe as well as the body. The bony skeleton, muscular tissue and all other tissues that make the structure of the body are made from Kapha i.e. Earth + Water. Water plays the role of cohesive force here. In the universe all solid matter and liquid matter when combined is made from Kapha. It is responsible for generation of new life.

These 3 energies also represent mental health. Sattva, Rajas, Tamas are 3 mental states represented by state of these 3 energies.

What is health – Health is balance of physical health, mental health, social health, financial health and spiritual health.
Health according to Ayurveda is balance of these 3 energies. These 3 energies if remain in balanced state are responsible for physical & mental health. Social, Financial and Spiritual healths are dependent upon physical and mental health.

Cause of all diseases or Causes of Imbalance of 3 energies

Imbalance of 3 energies is the cause of all diseases as per Ayurveda. The balance of Vata, Pitta, Kapha energies is affected by diet and lifestyle (physical health), behavior (for mental, social health) attitude (for financial health), faith, surrender (for spiritual health) and living in company of good people.

All these diet, lifestyle, behavior abnormality, attitude, faith and surrender are all remain in state of imbalance because of too much involvement in keeping one self busy in sensory gratification and running away from truth.

Planet Ayurveda Products - Our products are made by keeping in view all these points of imbalances. These are cause of all the diseases. The herbs we use are detoxifying in nature, free from any chemicals, preservatives or heavy metals. They are cleansing and anti-aging. The products are very effective as the combinations we have used are time tested and were used since centuries in India. We have not manipulated anything to mask the taste or enhance the shelf lives to increase their commercial values or sales but tried our best to keep their therapeutic value intact. That is the reason why the testimonials keep pouring in everyday and more and more distributors are getting interested in selling our products.

Planet Ayurveda